On the recent violences

From fellow runner Ahmaud Arbery to the recent tragedy in Atlanta that took the lives of 8 people who participate in touch therapy (six of whom were Asian American women) over the years we have lost so many community members to gun violence. It is difficult to protect people before these tragedies occur, it is difficult to know how to support the communities who feel who feel the impact most, and it is difficult to know how to process our emotions in the aftermath of deaths at the hands of hateful and sick men.

It’s easier to be silent in mourning, yet I want to communicate that you are loved and respected. If i don’t say it to your face, know that I feel it in my heart as we cross paths, I love you and respect you even if I don’t know your entire history or journey. If I’m not being loving and respectful to myself and to you then I am willing to change my behavior so that I am.

To the people who feel violent tendencies or who glorify war and violence as a method of conflict management rather than as a form of defense: There are better ways to express your hurt and pain that doesn’t hurt others and yourself. Art and athletics are a great way to express energy rather than making enemies out of one another. If you are feeling pressured by your own thoughts or by your community to harm yourself or others then get out of that place, find love and acceptance in another community, and by all means find a professional to speak to about these thoughts and experiences.

raise your consciousness (hell) peacefully,
Anne Arkhane

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