DSC_5675.jpgEmily Nagle
(AKA the animatedly reflexive badass, Anne Arkhane)
can be found haunting libraries.

Emily was raised in a port city along the Mississippi River. The banks are home to Sac & Fox Tribe / Meskwaki Nation, French, Irish-German, Eastern European and many more rooted immigrants and diaspora. Currently, Emily attended graduate school in Denver, CO gained an MDIV by studying ecological ethics.

While in Denver she was in conversation and convention with leaders from The Tinker Endowment, Ailiff Institute, the American Indian Movement, Pop Culture Classroom, DiNK Denver, Denver PopCultureCon, and the African Community Center as well as many more organizations/institutions.

Now she’s looking for community in N. Georgia where she now lives on a veggie farm. Her work and research focuses on ecological ethics and culture particularly as expressed through agriculture, comics, graphic novels, and film.

In her free time, Emily created Basic B*Tch Comics, co-founded the Whisky Horror Film Society with her friends, fuddles with art projects, and trail runs.

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