whfs presents: Post-Aparth…

Happy Friday the 13th. The moon is waning Gibbous at 80%. chance of cloudiness. And once again i am afforded the privilege of celebrating all our birthdays at once. Tonight we’ll dip a toe into our South African sci-fi int’l horror film list from the teams of Blomkamp, Neill (South African |Canadian). This time around…

whfs: winter love affair

Is it coincidence that Valentines Day falls during Black History Month?

This month we have a whfs double post. One in preparation for what’s upcoming and the next in celebration of Jordan Peele’s films Get Out and US.

WHFS: Armchair Travel

They say [armchair] travel can inspire new perspectives. This post explores films set in South America.
Share what you enjoy most about travel literature in the comments!

WHFS: revamping the western genre of

Trick or Treat?
A bit of both. This Whiskey Horror Film Society post is less about horror and more about westerns but, really, how terrifying is and has-been western colonialism?

Music to Check Out, Part V

Bands to Check Out is a quarterly post that started from emails I received from friends generously sharing their love of music and art. This quarter we explore Arabic music from the 1940s-present