WHFS: Drive-ins

Late July: Crash (2004) and E.T. (1982ish)
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Collaborative Survival Statement

Collaborative Survival Statement: We are spiritual leaders working to build a world infused with the spirit of the Divine, love, equity, and interdependence. In the face of injustice, inequity, and violence, we are determined to walk the path that many who came before us have envisioned and laid the groundwork for; one that is grounded…

Poor People’s Campaign Assemble! Online

“The Poor People’s Assembly and Moral March on Washington will be an historic, generationally transformative digital event. Across the internet and the airwaves we will drive the vision and agenda of our communities into the heart of the national narrative.”

Get Out: Part II

For the course: Social Justice in Earth Honoring Traditions by Dr. Julie Todd. Week 8 Assignment: Choose a book and address the following: Tell us the name of your book, the author and publication date. Why did you choose to read it for this course? Write a brief overview of what it’s about. Share the…

Candyman Trailer

I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it, for this film. I can’t even explain it It could end up being the worst film with no plot, Dir. J. Peele could just film some guy with candy crumbs on his sleeves sleeping for 3 hours like some weird Daft Punk film and I’d still…