WHFS: Raw, Spring break Edition

Spoilers Warning: I recommend watching the film before reading about it. I’m trying not to add any spoilers in this page but there may be a few. If you read any of the full articles I quote there are definitely spoilers.  This week is spring break and because I tend not to follow the trends…

Candyman Trailer

I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it, for this film. I can’t even explain it It could end up being the worst film with no plot, Dir. J. Peele could just film some guy with candy crumbs on his sleeves sleeping for 3 hours like some weird Daft Punk film and I’d still…

whfs: winter love affair

Is it coincidence that Valentines Day falls during Black History Month?

This month we have a whfs double post. One in preparation for what’s upcoming and the next in celebration of Jordan Peele’s films Get Out and US.