Whfs: P Valley

Spoiler alert and warning- this is adult content and it’s inappropriate content for most of your work places. There’s nudity, swearing and themes are domestic abuse and more .

Basic bitches you better get out of here if you you don’t want to hear the good news. Finally you can stop feeling weird about watching pole dancing videos online. Watch P Valley.

Season 2 episode 3—1:01:01ish

P stands for pussy of you’re confused. This plot and action is legit AND you get to watch some incredible artists work the club and you can say, “it’s art” with confidence.

I’m lovin it. I’m lovin these slow-mo shots showing the dancers doing their thing, their heavy breathing and low volume club music indication this is about her as an athlete/artist not only her sex appeal.

Lovin how they wrote the show. It goes from pre-pandemic in season one to almost post- pandemic in season two.

Lovin the characters

Lovin the beautiful costumes

Lovin the Deep South locationL

Lovin the Black Woman Magic

Lovin’ Mississippi and Lil’ Murder’s relationships compared to their ‘real life’ (in the show) relationships.

Lovin the athleticism of Mercedes (and other dancers). This is evident in her desire for a gym, her costumes, how she carries herself, her relationship with the coach and his wife.

Lovin’ how every dancer has their own reason for being there and complex stories to follow. I think it humanizes dancers and sex workers.

What I love most is that this show is acted, written, and directed by women. It shows because every character they produce, men and women, are diverse/complex in their decision making.

This show has a lot of humor, sex appeal, drama, art, culture. It does distinguish between dancing and sex-work. I think its positive and isn’t anti-sex work but I’m not a dancer or a sex worker so that’s for them to critique and I will listen. While this may be someone’s horror show (surely going nearly naked on stage is my worst nightmare since I don’t even enjoy public speaking) I respect those who have that level of confidence, no shade.

Now let’s talk about season 2 Episode 2: Seven Pounds of Pressure

This episode is filmed as a a mini horror movie. In the second season, this show starts diving deeper into some spooky themes & plot points. Within this exotic lanscape it turns out some of the horror is romantic and some of it is down right creepy.

Min 30ish Unlce Clif gets kidnapped

Min 42 Haunting in the Paradis Room

Min 51 Reiki/hoodoo moment

Min 57 Ghost in the security cam.

The episode ends with a sweet escape from a horrible – neh- terrible marriage.

This episode, is a bit of an outlier compared to the rest of the seasons. It has distinct horror movie references. aired 6/13, which is odd. Not even October. directed by Barbara Brown. I wonder what she was thinking with this beauty. Pretty sure she’s directed other episode but I haven’t looked up her other work yet. Seems like this season has a shift towards some horror storytelling styles whereas the first season was more of a “mysterious drama”.

Every episode is by a different director with some repeat offenders but it’s mostlys/all women so far. The show is Written/produced/created by Katori Hall and some others depending on the episode.

Drink of the week: Water, Bitch, duh. I gotta go to sleep now.

Song request for the DJ : Tubman Bounce by Tef Poe https://open.spotify.com/track/0imwkimYSUamj8fZ4HgJ3O?si=5WN9hfwvSYC98MGLtYg76Q

As always thanks for reading with your hands, ears, and eyes. Raise hell peacefully,

Anne Arkhane

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