WHFS: Nope (7-22-22)

If you’re weird enough to read or listen to stuff about movies before you see them that’s your thing. I’ve tried not to watch any trailers for Jordan Peele’s 2022 film, Nope, but they pop up on my IG stream constantly and it was difficult to resist.

I’m not going to buy the hype of this film being a summer blockbuster, however, this is probably one of the only films I’ll see in an actual theatre this summer because it seems worth it. I want the soundtrack dripping out of the speakers. I want the special effects to tickle my retinas. I want to see Steven Yeun’s (Mayhem, Okja, Minari) do whatever it is he does in this film.

Saw this one in opening night. I’m not going to spoil anything here before but here’s a little bit of a appetizer—

Nope Soundtrack


WHFS drink:
Bourbon? #nope.
Theatrically trained TV actor and Model, Tavious, (who I met at Garden and Gun Club in ATL) recommends an Old Fashioned
with Restoration Rye.
Old fashioned drink made like O.F. horror, modified to perfection.

Tasting notes: Dreamscapes, chainsaw oil, hockey masked headbutt, with a orange peele finish.

Ok— main entree

I was searching the internet about this film and someone asked—

“Is Nope a comedy?”

Seems obvious. Yet, it’s not not.

I mean. What’s the difference between comedy and horror? I wouldn’t categorize it in a Sun Coast shelf as comedy. I’d put this in the romance section. It’s definitely a love story to film. This movie is what Ed Wood felt like he was filming. It’s a love story about how art can be electromagnetic—so magnetic it’s impossible not to look at. Don’t believe me? Go ahead, go see this film, with a 2 hour and 11 minute run time, and try to figure out what you missed when you went to the concessions or to the bathroom. You can’t even guess what’s going to happen. And I’m damn sure not going to tell you.

What I will say is that you will rarely have this much fun being scared. You’ll be so scared you’ll be giddy. So scared you’ll be laughing. And you’ll feel good about it. Remember the first time you saw ET? It’s like that, but different cause it’s not that. Sometimes laughter is a nervous response, a coping mechanism, to fear, so go ahead, punk, laugh.

Forget about the sound and the soundtrack. I don’t even…I can’t say anything about that. Forget the transitions between scenes that are so provocative they give away secrets while saying nothing. Forget how the characters are so relatable it feels like you’re on the ranch with them. Daniel Kaluuya crushes (pretty sure I tried to date a guy exactly like his character and obviously it did not work out). I got chills at Keke Palmers first appeared. Steven Yeun’s role will have me thinking deeply about…I can’t say…for years to come. Literally every actor and actress seemed to have their head in the game that day. And 2hrs 11 min’s that’s a lot of days of filming. Forget about that too.

I could say more. I could wax poetically about this for awhile because personally—I liked it. I’m not big on hyping up films tho. I’m totally aware that most people don’t like horror films and everyone’s taste is horror is different. So maybe don’t see it, maybe you won’t like it, maybe you won’t have just a little bit of fun while watching it. Or, if you do see it—see it in theaters or better yet a drive in.

Thanks for reading with your eyes, ears, and hands. Raise hell peacefully,

Anne Arkhane

P.S. Shout out to Best Boi Grip Jason Gary. Good job, dude.

P.s.s Next up is a look at ghost stories like Field of Dreams and Angels in the Outfield. I’m not the type of lady who dates professional athletes, but I do hang out in the same bar/restaurants as them. And what I do happen to know is [voice in a whisper] most baseball players want to play one of these elusive games at the field of dreams in my home state of Iowa. And I happen to know that tickets to the next game Aug 11th Cubs V Reds are going fast and furiously. Anyway i gotta go, baseball isn’t my game, shuffle board however….

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