Basic B*tch Comics Inc

From the desk of Anne Arkhane,

Allow me to open this toast with words community organizer Michael Harris always says:
“Peace, blessings, and power to the people.”

It’s Saga Dawa, the 4th month on the Lunar calendar, a month of merit when we celebrate Buddha’s birth, awakening, parinibbana, etc. It’s also the month of the planetary extravaganza: 5-7 planets are aligned and visible in the sky. This only happens every 100 years or so.

Today is June 5th: World Environment Day
It’s Xion Network Variety Show’s 100 episode.
Maybe it’s your graduation AND
It’s my birthday.

Finally, I’m old enough to run for president of the United States. I’m 35 years old. Having spent the last decade purging myself of my innocence—doing stupid, dangerous, immature stuff—it’s time I enact the changes I’ve been working towards. Time to “be the change” or whatever. Like everyone, my power and energy are limited. What I do have, I want to channel artfully towards what is good.

I’m choosing health over ego.
I’m choosing diplomacy over nationalism.
I’m choosing environmental security over personal gain.

These particular choices require a good deal of sacrifice—no, not human sacrifices to some god. They require:

sacrificing the status quo,
sacrificing business as usual,
sacrificing any “return to normal”.

By making these sacrifices I’m hoping to establish a new normal [for myself]. I’m hoping to lean into maturity, levelheadedness, and flexibility as strengths. I’m hoping to fortify my resilient spirit thru loving-kindness (Sanscrit: Karuna, metta), emptiness (Sanskrit: shunyata), and community (Nguni Bantu: Ubuntu)

I’m doing this because, in my opinion, the best way to respond to climate crisis—whether it’s xenophobia, inflation, erratic weather, or disease— is to understand what I can change in my own life, to go for it, to recognize what I can’t change and let go of my anxiety over it. Anxiety doesn’t just go away tho. I can’t will depression away with a word. I may be somewhat sage but I’m not that kind of magic. In my body, Anxiety is an energy that needs to be burnt up into smoke or redirected like water. I have to do something or other with all my energy or it can manifest as anxiety, depression, etc. I choose to feed that energy into my passion project:
making art,
which is to say making love.

Be warned: While I’m still learning how to move energy around like this my passion projects will come out sideways. How my projects relate to ecological issues might seem indirect like poetry, might be messy like farming, and will often be underground like my philosophies.

Now that I’m 35 tho, it’s time to share what I’ve been practicing under the shrouds of night. This means to truly see me you might have to come over to the dark side. My art often forms under the starlit sky. Under the comfort of this shadowed atmosphere, the constellations speak and tell us to be proud of who we are and our process of becoming. To be strong enough to say “I’m sorry” to everyone we’ve hurt and transgressed on this path and to forgive too. I agree with the stars—fuck—we’re not perfect, we never will be, we can drop the assumption that we need to be and just be grateful we’re alive long enough to have made these mistakes and have gotten past them like they’re bosses in a video game.

Let’s level up together.

We have to do this together cause I’m convinced,
absolutely convinced,
that my 35th year is not only one of the best years of my life, it also marks the beginning of a new era. I’m convinced this is the year that we find our places in the artistic renaissance that is underway.

Humanity has been through a lot, has accomplished and done a lot, and yet this is just the beginning. We are entering a new era, a Renaissance, an Enlightenment Period, an Era of Delightfulness. I’m convinced of this because the art that is being created now is some of the best that humanity has ever made. Still, we are just starting to get creative in how we can ethically utilize these technologies, these resources, to share, collaborate, find our voices, and level up.
Unlike any other moment in human history, we are able to communicate and create incredible pieces of art with fewer boundaries of language, economic status, location, geo-politics. Hell, what used to be boundaries we are turning into our advantages. Sure, we still have obstacles, yet, because we’re embracing our individual power collectively fewer and fewer obstacles stand in our way whilst more and more challenges that increase our skills stand before us.

This is it
And this is just the beginning.
And This is a long winded way of saying
Happy World Environment Day.
Happy Saga Dawa.
Congratulations, Xion NVS, for 100 episodes
Congratulations to everyone graduating.
Happy Birthday & Happy Birthday to Basic B*tch Comics Inc..
Thanks for reading with your eyes, ears, and hands. As always,
raise hell peacefully
Anne A

Statement of Public Benefit:

As of June 5th 2022 Basic B*tch Comics Inc’s is structured as a Benefit Corporation with “exactly” 42 shares. Our main goal is encouraging literacy. The objective of all literature and events is to promote public health, mental health, and spiritual well-being through art and education.

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  1. firstofkinhotmailcom says:

    Can’t access your GoFundMe… Would have bought you dinner or some beers or something… Don’t have much myself. But it would’ve been nice.


  2. firstofkinhotmailcom says:

    Happy 35th Birthday.


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