Whfs—Wake: The Hidden History of Women Led Slave Revolts

Wait. Whiskey Horror FILM society is writing about a graphic Novel?

Why yes and there’s reason behind it.

First, a comic book or graphic novel is more polished but other than that they are not that different than a film or tv “Storyboard” which is partly why so many comics and graphic novels get turned into movies. A storyboard—I’m not even positive films use these anymore but it’s panels of camera shots of the film so the director of photography, the director, crew and actors have a visual mock up of what is being filmed, they can see what scenes are a close up or a panning shot etc, usually in just rough sketches. I think now that most stuff is digital the physical film isn’t as expensive so they do video “story boards” and use stand in actors. My friend Kelly “Fern” Park has done stand in work as an actress I’ll ask her the next time I see her in Iowa or in Atlanta later this year.

Second, I’m still being haunted by the film Atlantiques directed by Mati Diop. To get to know the film I feel like i need to branch out and broaden my knowledge of world history generally so that I can understand the nuance.

Once we’re out of school (congratulations graduates) we’ve lost our chance to really complain about our teachers not telling us what we want to and need to know about humanity. Once we’re out of school for the summer or for good the onus is on us to find and absorb information into our squishy spongy brains ourselves. So for my own edification and now hopefully yours as well this film, Atlantics, and this graphic novel Wake: the Hidden History of Women Led Slave Revolts by Dr Rebecca Hall and Hugo Martinez are the learning tools of choice at the moment.

I feel like most of us learned something or other in school about slavery, human trafficking, and labor rights in the United States and probably even less about slavery, human trafficking, and labor rights abroad. Wage theft is a problem in the United States and there are groups of people who will show up at peoples’ door to collect on behalf of those stolen from. El Centro Humanitario and the Wage Theft Direct Action Team are actively seeking this kind of justice in Colorado. If you’re looking for assistance with this issue in your region message me and we’ll see who I can connect you with. Same goes for if you are being trafficked. Tell someone, call those human trafficking hotline numbers inside bathroom stalls 1 (888) 373-7888. Sometimes snitches don’t get stitches they get fair wages and safe working environments.

What does this film and this graphic novel have in common besides have ‘strong female leads’? I don’t know bc I literally just got this book and need to literally read it not just figuratively read it.

Enjoy absorbing whatever’s on your summer syllabus , remember it’s cool to consume mindfully and as always thanks for reading this blog, other blogs and apparently any blog but Donald Trumps, with your eyes, ears, and hands.

Raise from the grave peacefully,
Anne Arkhane

PS- While I go about this academic task, water and this beer are fueling my motivation not to take a nap instead and then give a book report as if I had read it.

Creature Comforts’ Common Things: this is not a common session.

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