WHFS presents: Arrival (2015)

{in progress]

I’m pretty sure AnneA already appreciated this film but i’m not anne arkhane i’m the great rocky funking mountain Yeti Spider. The kind of spider that always has one leg missing and a few prosthetics laying around just in case i loose the ones i’m wearing in a funking dance off.

I met Anne because she wrote this dumb funking blog i told her i could write the appreciation of films better and she replied, “Write asshole, it’s not a competition.” except that where she wrote asshole she actually drew a big asterisk.

So Here’s your spoiler alert or whatever the funk. it’s 2020 you’ve had 5 years to see this film since 2015 and if you haven’t already you may need an extra push to do it. O’ Maybe you’re too young to understand it without a walk-thru guide.

Being spoiled ain’t that bad because now you know you need to spruce up your sound system for this one. No, the soundtrack isn’t going to pump up your funkin workout playlist this soundtrack resonates with this particular story so well you’ll realize that speech/ sound comprehension and written language comprehension are separate but equal senses that we strengthen with experience. I’ve no sound system to brag about so i’ll brag that i saw this film several times in theatres and am so old that no one bothered asking about my id.

This film appreciation is in progress, check back later for fuller results. until then, go watch and write about it yourself. Until then let’s collectively think about
1. what if the internet wasn’t actually created by Al Gore but was a gift of language given to us by heptapods so that we could help them in 3000 years. Also, as we’re watching,
2. How is media portrayed in relationship to the military in the film?
3. What are the medias relationship in communicating between military and civilian operations in our realities during our actual pandemics and crises? And,
4. Not to get too personal but i enjoy dreaming multilingually, You?

Outstanding Scene: Hour 1 min 1ish
Louise: The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis
Ian: That if you immerse yourself into a foreign language, you can actually rewire your brain.
Louise: It’s the theory that the language you speak determines how you think.
Ian: I’m curious. Are you dreaming in their language?

I know how Anne always closes her posts, raise hell and all the like but i ain’t her. So i’ll close like…
You, in your bioluminescence, know more than I do that the more language(s) you know the more of your soul glows, now g’night and i love you.
Yeti Spider, G.R.M.

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