WHFS: Candyman (1992)

What is there to say that hasn’t already been said:

“At the beginning of Bernard Rose’s “Candyman,” we hear an urban legend about a woman in a high-rise public housing project, who calls for 911 but is not taken seriously.” “Who is the Candyman? According to the movie, he is a powerful supernatural being who haunts Cabrini-Green, the housing complex on Chicago’s Near North Side.” “What I liked was a horror movie that was scaring me with ideas and gore, instead of simply with gore.” Robert Ebert Reviews Candyman

“Candyman is going for something deeper than the usual gory thrills.” Brian Costell Common Sense Media

“In “Candyman,” adapted by Bernard Rose from the Barker novel “The Forbidden,” the horror unfolds inside a housing project and plays out provocatively against a backdrop of racial injustice.” “The film’s spooky atmosphere is accentuated by Anthony B. Richmond’s cinematography and Philip Glass’s score.” Janet Masli The NYTimes

I love this film,
I could watch it on loop.
I saw it once on tv
and was instantly hooked.
Thanks for reading, go watch the film before I spoil it and raise hell peacefully,
Anne Arkhane

The WHFS drink of choice is always water.
If you have a sweet tooth like i do ya might look at
Automatic Jones Rock & Rye
The Family Jones handcrafted this bottled cocktail that I purchased from Hugo’s because I’m over 21 years old. Drinking underage or as an emotional crutch is not advisable. I’m not endorsing drinking alcohol, I’m moreso interested in the people, land, and process with which these beverages are made, plus I think the bottle is cute.
This drink is as sweet and easy as not sending your kids out door to door to go trick or treating during a health pandemic (If you must, maybe try a tailgate style trick or treating events instead.). Whether you are drinking or letting your kids eat candy remember to pace yourselves. Consume responsibly.

From their website: thefamilyjones.co
“Automatic Jones Rock & Rye was created in The Family Jones Spirit House, and became so popular that our fans demanded a way to enjoy this cocktail in their own homes.
Tasting notes: Allspice, orange zest, stewed dark fruits.


  • 2 oz Automatic Jones Rock & Rye
  • 4 oz Hot Water
  • 1 oz Honey Syrup

Combine ingredients in warmed tea cup or coffee mug. Stir and garnish with a cinnamon stick or orange slice.

Automatic Jones is straight rye whiskey infused with a blend of warming spices, dried fruits, citrus peels, roots, bark, and a touch of rock candy syrup.

a close up of a bottle


  • BEST IN CLASS – 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
  • DOUBLE GOLD – 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
  • SILVER – 2020 American Craft Spirits Association
  • BRONZE – 2019 American Craft Spirits Association”

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