Collaborative Survival Statement

Collaborative Survival Statement:

We are spiritual leaders working to build a world infused with the spirit of the Divine, love, equity, and interdependence. In the face of injustice, inequity, and violence, we are determined to walk the path that many who came before us have envisioned and laid the groundwork for; one that is grounded in resistance, resilience, creativity, radical love,  brave action, and life-giving relationship. In this time we refuse to have our story written for us. We refuse to have our voices silenced. Here is our manifesto. 

Today i say to you that the challenges we face are real, they are serious and they are many they will not be met easily or in a short span of time but know this, America they will be met. 

  • Divinity 

We believe… 

That we (all sentient beings and all forms of life) are connected to a Divine presence in the Universe, which connects each of us to one another; inseparable from each other, MotherEarth, Father Time, and the Divine Spirit. We believe in a world where we cherish people and treat them as the respected creative beauty of the Divine

We believe we are all united by the very differences we may hold with each other. Our differences are the Divine’s way of creating opportunities of learning and growth. 


We hold space for the tension that difference may create. We cherish people and treat them as the respected creative beauty of the Divine, and we will give voice to what is just by speaking to what is sacred. We will honor the divine within all of humanity, within every person.

  • Love 

We Believe…

In Love and Justice as being at the core of our operating principles. In the midst of isolation, fear of the unknown, suffering, and oppression, the objective of love still remains. The objective of love is resilient. We work toward a world where love is the cornerstone of our lives through active and intentional listening and methodical action. This love is the foundation to how we move and operate in our society, and thus, is at the core of our operating principles. We believe that responding in life-giving ways to conflict and war are justified. We believe that military conflict and war are rarely justified.

We want to love and be loved creatively, unapologetically, powerfully, and courageously. We want to express our love through art, spiritual care, being in relationship with the world, through doing justice, challenging unjust systems and institutions, building people power, and through being in intimate, loving relationship with our human family. 


We will choose to resist the oppressive capitalist power structures that drain us of our resources by living in the expression of the self that we are crafted to be. This is an act of resistance.Just being love in the world is an action toward justice. This is our love expressed.

  • Equity 

We believe…

We want to live in a world where we create equity for those who may have not lived in the same contextual framework that others may have existed. We believe that breaking down racist, colonialist, and patriarchal structures within ourselves and our society is imperative to creating a more just world. We want to live in a world with just labor practices that intend to alleviate the past and current exploitation of the lands, air, water, and the inhabitants therein through the unjust extraction of resources (including, but not limited to, the detraction from the personal and environmental wellbeing of workers within multinational corporations). We want to live in a world where everyone has equitable access to healthy water/air/land to produce nutritious foods, where there is access to practicing diverse knowledges and creating suitable educations, and access to nourishing health care practices.  We Believe that Housing, healthcare, and economic security are Human Rights.

We believe that ordinary people should have the power to make decisions that impact their lives. 


We will act in ways that build the power of the people, especially dedicating ourselves to uplifting the voices and leadership of those who have historically been on the margins of power. We will use this power to demand justice and equity, and to give life and voice to the divine love that resides in us all and binds us to one another. 

We work to build systems where everyone has easy and active access to contributing to, being heard within, and compensated equitably by the systems in which they participate or are affected.

  • Interdependence and Interconnectedness 

We believe…

Surviving these times and the future, requires the social acknowledgment and understanding of our interdependence and interconnectedness. We are all connected to each other in action, being, and consciousness. What one human does affects the other. This is integral to the safety and health of each other, our society, and our non-human world. 


We strive for a world where our economic, political, and governmental leaders and institutions use human and systemic interconnectedness to drive all missions, ethics, and operations. We work with people in all faiths, political parties, levels of positional power to ensure this understanding of interdependence is embedded in our systems, communities, churches, and homes.

SJE Praxis Working Faith & Justice Class, Spring 2020.
Led by Rev. Dr. Jennifer Leath and Kareem Jackson aka Tef Poe
Written by Javon Bracy, Emily Nagle, Melissa Pluss, Courtney VanLindern, Andrew Finch, Linda Newell

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