WHFS: Soapboxing on the Quad

How is it?

Summer to me means drive-in showings of Terminators, Predators, and Alien films but this summer is panning out to be a bit different.

I’m still digging around for international films, comics/graphic novels like Ghost Rider and X-Men, and themes that are good and respectful during these incredible times and tragic moments of discrimination and loss within our communities. I am mostly speechless on these murders, losses of dignities, and oaths that have been broken. My body is telling me that such traumas require -from me- a long moment of meditation and deep thought.  Luckily, there are many people in our concurring care circles who have life-giving notes, messages / sermons, and mixtapes to help us keep ourselves sane and find comfort in our hours of illness and distress of our crisis era.

As far as film/tv, I’ve mostly switched to comedy and news
ya know i can’t just
stop thinking
about horror
–I’m a die-hard, as the saying goes–
The Horror genre, in particular, tends to poke at the awful, the disturbing, and that which frustrates, scares, and yes even terrifies us. Contributors to this genre including directors Guillermo Del Toro, Eli Roth, Arturo Ripstein, Bong Joon Ho and Jordan Peele are folks who also see the power of processing deeply traumatic emotions and experiences via film and Art as potentially beneficial to our psyches even when stories and films like Bourdain’s Hungry Ghosts or Burgess’ Clockwork Orange remind us that Art is equally dangerous as it is joyous.

Philosophically, my love of Horror is not to glorify suffering. It’s a story-form that can give space to consider suffering and what it means to grieve. It is a misconception that an artist must suffer to make brilliant art. We all suffer, there is no reason to maddeningly add to the difficulties life already throws our way to become a better artist. While many are responding to the stresses of this year by tapping into their artistic intelligences’, tragedy and suffering in themselves don’t make our art better. There is so much senseless and preventable violence occurring that art is a healthy coping mechanism. Art can strengthen our problem-solving skills, resilience, and our resolve to keep going until tomorrow finds our doors and windows. If you feel like you are suffering don’t be complacent, keep reaching out in the ways you can and communicate what alleviation is for you.

As we’ve been exploring in past posts, the era we are emerging from/merging into seems to be uncannily Apartied-like mixed with critically massed efforts towards decolonization. I don’t mean to write this correlation with the glibness of hipster artsy fartsy linguistics however when I attempt to speak more colloquially and more serious about the econiomic disparities, social mentalities, lived theologies I tend to find threats and swears heading my way. This is a form of suffering that I find intolerable. I don’t tolerate threats or intimidation as they aren’t healthy coping mechanisms. I do actively and unapologetically respond to these threats as needed in whatever way I need to keep myself safe. Self-Defense is the first Defense just like “self-love is the very first romance” -Akua Naru

I prefer to let my defenses down which is why and how i can get into Horror– i easily find my way into safe spaces every day and try to expose access to safe spaces for every artist to practice.

As I continue to write this blog as a post-grad–ie As A fancy pants Professional Philosopher and Agricultural Ethicist, let me be frank, if you are offended by something you read that I wrote than 3. This is free content, it’s not mandatory to read. 2. There’s a link to a crowdfunding site somewhere around here. 1. If you aren’t able to respond to an offense in a way that maintains my and your dignities than I can’t engage in this concern until you can. Also if you’re attacking someone you don’t know you might not mad about something I said and so might be that you’re emotionally bleeding on me. 0. I am sorry you feel offended, It’s never my intention to leave anyone feeling lesser than but to bolster us all to feel as good, generous, and as grande, as we all are. I hope you find joy and compassion in this day despite any setback from being triggered. -1. if some particular film or topic is triggering to you it might be helpful to bring that as material to your therapist or spiritual conversation partners. -2. It’s never my intention to trigger anyone. These are sensitive times for myself so I am empathetic towards that pain. Consider the worth in inviting in professional caregivers to help you emerge healthier from this moment. There are a lot of people rooting for our healths and recoveries. 

My July Horror Film list–

Island of Dr. Moreau (1977)
A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night ( 2014)
E.T. (1982) &
Gisaengchung (aka Parasite) (2019) because i still haven’t seen it..
Antlers (2020?)

What i should be looking into is movies coming from Pacifika artists, New Zealanders, and Australian Films. The Horror films I’ve seen from these communities have zeroed in on the coming-of-age themes of isolation, insanity, and family dynamics.

I’m gonna start rambling like I own a mustache if i keep going so i’m going to end this post here and keep enjoying this Bruz Quadrupel from Denver.

Bruz Brewery. Where we’re “Classy
on the surface”

Thanks for reading or hearing this post. I hope to have recorded versions of them in the future so that you get my inflection rather than a robot’s (that being said I  deeply appreciate the ongoing love from the cyborg community and robot readers).

Raise hell peacefully,
Anne Arkhane.

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