Working Faith & Social Justice: Healing Circle

Week 10 of the Spring 2020 quarter at Iliff is almost here. This means this week is my, and many peoples, last week of grad school and it is the last few weeks of school for those of us who haven’t graduated quite yet. Ipso facto a hearty congratulations to everyone who is graduating into the next stages and levels of your lives. I concur with Obama who said in his Commencement Speech, “You’ve earned it” and include my own I love you very much and am proud to learn about your great works and actions and to (in the rare instances) co-create the experiences of greatness alongside you.

Speaking of co-created experiences This also means it’s week 10 for Working Faith & Social Justice’s Wednesday Night Healing Circles produce & presented Professors Rev. Dr. J. Leath, Dr. Tef Jackson & there merry band of students.

This event has been occurring on Wednesdays @ 7pm (MST). If you would like to go, ya know, circle up with us, go to Tef is going to lead the charge and we’ll see what happens. Maybe it’ll be an intimate conversation, maybe it’ll be a reunion of our past guests or maybe we’ll all fall somewhere in between.

Loves and lovers out there– Infinite Thanks for lending your ear to hear or read this public spiritual health services announcement. I truly hope you and your family are well or on the path to healing. We invite you to tune in and invite friends who may be in need of some Real Talk about what we are feeling #alonetogether. Make your presence known and feel heard in the livestream event comments and as always

Raise hell peacefully,
anne arkhane

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