Candyman Trailer

I’m so excited,
and I just can’t hide it,
for this film. I can’t even explain it
It could end up being the worst film with no plot, Dir. J. Peele could just film some guy with candy crumbs on his sleeves sleeping for 3 hours like some weird Daft Punk film and I’d still be this amped to see it. Why think about a movie about a guy who loves candy while a pandemic is going on? Because I love candy–too much and I’m trying to give it up during this Lent/quarantine/Ramazan and I’m struggling with the sugar withdrawals. Thinking about this film is, like, my surrogate fix right now.
Just kidding.
Not about the sugar withdrawal, that’s my real struggle, but my fascination with this film is not about my addiction to sugar. Beyond the sentiment of accidentally watching it on tv as a kid (but this was back when tv’s were basic so I came into the middle of it and was like, ‘wtf’ (before that was, like, even a phrase)), beyond this random memory, this feeling of irrational love has me wondering, “Why, Anne, why?” I don’t know, guys. I just don’t. So. might as well do the work and figure it out.
Time to do some research [jumps into Bill Nye style lab coat, safety goggles and safety fanny pack and swirls away into the interweb].

Candyman 2020 IMDB
Official website:
Rotton Tom: “Critics Consensus No consensus yet. Coming soon
Release date: Sep 25, 2020
Tomatometer  Not Yet Available”

Candyman 1992 IMDB
Rotton Tom: “Critics Consensus Though it ultimately sacrifices some mystery in the name of gory thrills, Candyman is a nuanced, effectively chilling tale that benefits from an interesting premise and some fine performances.

74% Tomatometer Total count: 65
61% Audience Score User Ratings: 134,116

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