Mental Spiritual Emergence Plan

Hear Hear” …wait
                                       A moment for a land acknowledgment to the Arapahoe and Cheyenne who have cared for and continue to care for the rocky mountain front range since time and memorial.  And a moment of gratitude for the indigenous leadership guiding plans for Earth Day’s upcoming 50th Anniversary.  A moment of peace in solidarity with those who have passed from our presence. 

Hear hear

KNOW that your life is important and you are loved. Alas,
I’m not here to cheer you up, convince you, convert you, change your mind. I’m here to share preparations for some life’s lovely, albeit difficult, inevitabilities.
Whyever u found urself here, u probably know that as much as i write about Horror films and pop culture I also touch on #suicideprevention and self-care. During the containment of this COVID-19 Pandemic and the ongoing containment that many face in jails, prisons, and detention centers, many folks are feeling difficult emotions and|or are contained within difficult spaces. Just as it is important to eat healthy to boost our immune systems to prevent illness, it’s important preventive medicine to love and care for ourselves mentally and spiritually. In a previous post, I shared my practice of creating my Bored to Nihilism To-Do Lists. In this post, I’d like to invite you to freely add to your own Self-Care Plan while considering these Iliffians’ expressions of caring

Professor Carrie Doehring shares challenges from COVID-19 and what helps ease the sense of trauma.

Dr. C Kelsey releases weekly videos on Sunday reflecting on a variety of helpful topics.

“The strangeness of this shelter at home season is making it harder to do ordinary things, like sleep, or study. This video suggests one practice that might help you with both of those things. Check it out!  The video is less than 4 minutes.

I’m still glad to hear from you!  Let me know what practices are helping and which ones you might suggest to others.


Working Faith & Justice
Rev. Dr. J. Leath & Tef Poe
produce & present
Healing Circle
Wednesday 7 pm

 If you would like to go
Go to

……………..April is Poetry Month…………………………………… We’re just warming up………….


These are just a few offerings from our professional care-givers plates.
As always, thanks for reading and raise hell peacefully,
Anne E. Arkhane

a note from Rev. Dr. Leath,
“here is the general flow for wednesday’s:

1. reports on what’s happening at the grassroots level – tef. 2. prayer/good vibes requests – jsl. 3. artist talk/perform back – tef. 4. closing meditation – jsl.”
 Express your Care 4 All:



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