whfs: winter love affair

This year of whfs we focus on the love in and for horror films (and maybe some graphic novels). Since it’s the month of love ya might think i’d bring in thoughts on sci-fi films like Avatar and Her but no. Those lovely tales are too far from horror to count even as sub genres. Besides, Her is too close to reality to even be considered sci-fi in my book.

First, since it’s Valentine’s Day we’ll be spending time appreciating the work of Jordan Peele. Whose teams created the groundbreaking N. American films Get Out and Us. And if this builds hype for Candyman, (which is out around the time of Mr. K. L. Duckworth’s birthday) than all the better cause that reboot is a long time coming.

After however-long-that-takes, we’ll continue watching films made around the world. I’m still looking into South American films so that’s pending
i did come across tasty Peruvian goods to stuff my checked bag with (thanks again to the many guides, teachers, & tsa folks who helped us get there and back safe and sound). I’m hoping some S. American film titles will float upstream to pair them with soon. At some point on the calendar, we’ll spend time in n. American film, again, exploring the Alien films next to Terminators. We’ll peek at some ghost in the shell makes and remakes. Butt! up next on our syllabus is a look at three films by Neill Blomkamp’s teams:
District 9, Elysium, & Chappie.
Admittedly, it’s my unfortunately reality as a sheltered North American that I work within the limitations of my available resources (sry to burst yer bubble a-round-the-world but we’re not all living like Fresh Prince here in the grand u.s. of ‘merica). My resources are lacking in that the South African-Canadian director of the aforementioned films is from a (post?)colonial rather than indigenous spirit. Fortunately, the films created from this context attempt to address…well, go watch them and come back later to read my analyses with your own opinions ready. Suffice it say, from a unique perspective, Neill Blomkamp’s teams contribute to discourses of sovereignty and alienation via these underplayed sci-fi goodies. And by highlighting my limitations in accessing (South) African films maybe someone can provide recommendations to myself or to our film streaming/renting/check out service providers.

Speaking of media service providers I have to lodge a complaint—The lack of subtitles available on Netflix, Amazon, etc is abominable.

What else do I know is coming? Nothing else. Hope this foresight into our year long glance at Horror & Love keeps you circling around to hear what’s up. Until later, just, ya know, don’t be afraid to give yourself permission to be in love where you are this week or, if you want/need to, to leave that place, person, habit, or trickster rabbit behind. Thanks for reading and as always
Raise hell peacemongers,
anne Arkhane

P.S. Apparently ‘what’s up’ is to go see Parasite. I haven’t seen it yet but if the awards it has received are an indication of it’s wonder than I can’t wait until friday to fall in love with It at first sight.

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