WHFS: Game of Pies

 Sing a Song of Sixpence

If you’re so inclined, read the Preamble here: Good Morning, Magpie-3

This cauldron of grim tales stews on the relationship between food, entertainment, and manners and is spiked over these standing posts. Manners are a contract between hosts and guests. There are consequences for betraying the bond. For example, If you remember from the preamble, a Night’s Watch cook was once turned into a white rat because he was ill-mannered.

An Invitation to Dine from the Crypt Keeper:
On March 16th, Forkfuls of Fantasy will feast on Game of Thrones Game Pies. Our intimate band of cooks and guests will be enjoying an absolutely unpoisoned menu of (at least) savory pies adapted from the Tudor Meat Pie recipe from The Food Time Machine.

Forkfuls of Fantasy is a fun loving troupe who enjoys trying to achieve accuracy and deliciousness of dishes and ways of eating found in literature and other medias. Though this meal reflects the decadence of the feasting Game of Thrones’ characters, and our ability to find and afford the ingredients, it’s worth noting that our guests tend to work towards organic and sustainable ways of living and nourishment. I am in no way promoting this meal as a dietary way of life, but instead as a historical exploration. We’ve chosen to exchange energy with animals because it is thematically and seasonally appropriate to the GoT series.

Meat would have been a culturally and seasonally appropriate menu choice as noted by Hannele Klemettilä, “In the late Middle Ages plagues and epidemics reduced the size of the human population to the extent that there was more meat available per capita than previously. Even so, a diet abounding in meat enabled the aristocrats and the wealthy bourgeoisie to demonstrate, in an increasingly forceful fashion, their privileged position in society.” Continuing her thought into the present, the volume of grocery store meat consumption in N. America extends beyond the means of humans to raise and slaughter domestic animals. Sustainable options can include hunting, or joining your local meat and produce CSA’s, and by eating from other nutritious options like grains, legumes, veggies, and fruit. You can also contact your local influencers and celebrities to encourage their humble dietary moves towards vegetarianism.  

From Anne:
Before we get cooking, I’m gonna let you in on some secrets of communitarian meals. Communitarian cooking & eating practices share commonalities with faery tales like Game of Thrones and parlour games like Tarot
. All three express interest in rules. Even when they feel arbitrary, some rules like food prep safety, placement, and table manners promote preservation and conservation of joy and health. Here, we will explore how sharing food and entertainment necessitates steadfast flings with purity, politeness, and postscripts.

#1 Remember to set out an offering
Join us for a moment of group love of food and other nourishments this March. To try out the FoF style pick a fantasy film, book, art piece, or theme and, with your community, create a meal around it. I urge readers to try eating, singing, drumming, and strumming with as many people as they can (in mind if not in person). If you are looking for community, Denver host many communitarian meals throughout the week. Allow me to reveal some locations: Wednesdays (1ish) at Lincoln Park. Sundays at 7pm at Iskcon Temple near Cherry and Colfax. There are many more than that. Feel free to bard around those parts or to post in the comments below where your community hosts open-to-public meals.

Thanks for reading. Next time, we’ll explore dietary humours and bloodlines.
Raise hell peacefully,
Anne “philosophus per ignem” Arkhane

(for locations in text see post V to download full paper full paper)

  1. Pop Quiz: In what season 3 episode does Bran Stark tell this gruesome ghost story to his comrades?
  2. Kitchen’s in the middle ages are drastically different than where we cook now. GoT has many scenes with food, but not many of the cooking process. One example is Season 1, Episode 2 Min 5 in which the community is cooking outdoors over open flames, on or under coals. For our feast we our pies are forged in an enclosed convective heat.
  3. Guide to Thoth Tarot Deck on EsotericMeaning.com 
  4.  Hernández, Alfred’s Subversive Fire, 192. Translated means “philosopher of  fire”.
  5. Photography by Seth Nagle

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